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Book Blueprint Service




2 Weeks

This is an intensive 2-week process that turns your idea for a book into a clear outline for you to begin your writing process. The process involves:

  • A 2-hour Plan My Book Session with one of our Developmental Editors

  • A detailed, written outline for your book, created by our writing team

  • 2 rounds of outline revisions

  • Tips and tricks to take forth into your writing journey

  • Access to Merack Publishing’s style guide cheat sheet using Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition

This service is for you if you would like to:

  • Develop your vision, hopes, and dreams for your book

  • Get clear on your main message, target audience, and call to actions

  • Create a logical, actionable outline for your book

  • Plan to write your book independently

Delivered by:

CLUTCH Writing

Let's make magic!

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