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KristaClive Smith is the Founder and CEO of CLUTCH Personl Branding, which uses personal branding as a business model to monetize and leverage expertise.

Krista is the Founder & CEO of CLUTCH Personal Branding, which helps time-starved CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to increase their credibility, have greater impact, and grow their revenues to "flip the model" and write and publish books that launch their personal brand platforms while enhancing the valuation of their companies and helping them

extricate themselves from the day to day operations of their business.

For more information, visit CLUTCH Personal Branding at clutchbranding.com

Krista is seen regularly on the platform speaking at conferences and corporate events,

as well as providing training, management consulting, and products and services for

business owners and high performance brands worldwide. 


Named to the Top 40 Under 40 list of outstanding young business professionals and recognized as a San Diego Woman Magazine's 2019 Woman of Distinction, she is the award-winning author of the book 

Get Noticed. Be Remembered: Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success and the 4-Disc Audio Series How to Brand, Sell, Market and Grow Your Business


Her first company, Organized for Life, went on to become the first Professional Organizing

franchise system worldwide - and the first employer in the industry in Canada, with

three locations and thirty-six employees in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. 


She is the Founder & CEO of KCS Family of Companies, LLC, which is the parent company for 

CLUTCH Personal Branding, Merack Publishing & Little Authors Academy.


Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Krista and her husband Ryan and

their nine-year-old daughter Kennedy have just returned from a year and a half global adventure

where they were based in Durban, South Africa for one year and then six months in Canada

before recently returning back to San Diego, California.

A Boutique Nonfiction Publishing House

A pioneer in the hybrid publishing industry, Merack Publishing is a boutique publishing solution for nonfiction authors with established expertise that delivers a stylish and professional product, white-glove service, and the infrastructure typically associated with a larger publishing house.


Our clients’ unique voice and ideas remain intact, the author retains the rights, royalties, and creative control over the title and design, and our world-class team of publishing professionals deliver and distribute

their work to the world.


Krista's newest company, Little Authors Academy, provides a structured and caring writing opportunity for students to participate in a week-long camp, after-school enrichment program, or At Home experience in which they become a published author of their very own book. Our goal is for each student to leave the program feeling accomplished and proud and empowered to continue using their voice for positive change in the world.

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Unknown Voices

The heart of KCS Family of Companies, LLC is built upon servant leadership, and as such the concept of "integrated philanthropy" is one of the key pillars of our brands. In fact, our five core values as a parent company organization are Family, Freedom, Philanthropy (we call it "Go Giver" Spirit, after the book The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John D. Mann), Always Learning, and NO BITCHES. When each new team member is onboarded, we give them an audiobook copy of The Go Giver, and we explain the concept of integrated philanthropy, which follows the idea of Pledge 1%. 



Krista learned of the concept of Pledge 1% from the CEO of Salesforce.com, and it's a concept that invites all entrepreneurs and their companies to commit important resources (product, time, and profit) to support integrating philanthropy right into the business—right from an early stage.

That led her to start her own registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at the onset of launching her other for-profit ventures. It was important to Krista to build the foundation of integrated philanthropy into the fabric of the way the KCS Family of Companies does business right from the get-go, and so now - even while small - we dedicate 1% of revenue system-wide and tracking and rewarding our team members' giving time and will continue this practice as we grow.


www.UnknownVoices.org is a registered California charity/nonprofit that amplifies the powerful stories of seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things and shines a light on these amazing humans and organizations that most people have never heard of. It is also a branded collective of "Unknown Voices" who are living and working in service, doing good in the world anonymously without needing or desiring credit.