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GET NOTICED. BE REMEMBERED.: Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success



ISBN 978-0-9734274-2-4

Paperback $15.95

eBook $9.99


Want to get noticed and be remembered? BRAND YOURSELF.


A nationally renowned expert on personal branding, Krista Clive-Smith demonstrates with remarkable insight how professionals, students, entrepreneurs and even parents can develop and control their own personal brands to influence the way others view them. 
In this step-by-step system for personal transformation, you'll learn how to create your own personal brand image. Clear, consistent and truly authentic, your personal brand will be fully aligned on the outside to who you are on the inside. 

While this subject could be perceived by some as superficial, Krista Clive-Smith takes an entirely different approach and delivers hard-hitting, applicable content in a soulful manner -- getting to the root of who you are and who you choose to be. If you're lost in life or looking to find yourself, this book is the answer you've been looking for.  
Define it, position it, package it and champion it: show the world your brand!



Traveling anytime soon?


GNBR is now available at Hudson airport bookstores in 25 major cities across the USA!



Also available worldwide at retailers such as 

Krista Clive-Smith is the author of "Get Noticed. Be Remembered. Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success
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