Performance is an art – the art of delivering one’s craft. 

Performance is also return on investment – delivery of the goods.

Form – and function.

Style – and value.

I deliver both. 


Unforgettably... and unapologetically.

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"I've attended three Canadian Conventions of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and four American Conventions of the National Speakers Association and I have to tell you that many of the seasoned pros could learn from you. Even the likes of Harvey Mackay, Brian Tracy, and Tom Hopkins.

Your talk was educational, enlightening, inspiring, and fun. You know your stuff inside out, you're passionate about it, and you know how to present it in an engaging way. BRAVO! And I was very impressed with the way you handled the Q & A period, especially the questions I'm sure you're not asked often. I'm looking forward to the pleasure, no, the experience of attending one of your talks again soon."

Daniel Saintjean, Author & Professional Speaker

"I am so grateful I attended your session. One of the best I have ever attended and perfect timing. My brain was just reeling with ideas. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you said resonated with me to a tee. I am a CMA and a successful and entrepreneurial business executive, yet I am so not the typical stereotype of an accountant and have always felt I have something more to do. The true authentic brand, talents and passions seem to get pushed aside, but not this time. I bought my Idea Book on the way home from the session. I am going to crystallize my personal brand. I strongly believe in many of the things you stand for and you have given me the 'push' to do it. Thank you so much!" 

SPEAKING TOPICS INCLUDE  (but are certainly not limited to)...

BUSINESS: Radical Business Building: Vision. Strategy. Execution. Period.

Are you looking to radically build and grow your business? If so, check everything you’ve learned about marketing at the door, and get ready for breakthroughs that will challenge and inspire you. In this session, Krista offers a results-oriented approach for how to take your company not just a step ahead, but a huge leap forward. Through real-life examples and practical tips that you can put to use immediately, you'll learn how to capitalize on your company’s unique value. The result? You'll have the tools you need to get more clients, charge more money, and grow your bottom line.


BRANDING: Don’t just make an impression, leave an impression: The Art + Science of Building a High Performance Brand.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business? If so, this session is for you! In a fun and interactive setting, you'll learn how to transform your brand into more than just a logo and a website. Instead you'll discover what it takes to build your brand into a tool that'll help grow your business and attract ideal clients. Using real life stories and examples, Krista breaks down the branding process into manageable pieces, so you know where to start, what your next step is, and where you're headed. You'll walk away from this session with a set of tools and resources to truly help your business stand out. And you'll be empowered to create success for your brand—and your business—now.

Don't just make an impression, leave an impression.


PERSONAL BRANDING: Brand New You: Who You Are. What You Do. Why You Do It.

Do you feel like you aren’t living up to your full potential? If so, get ready for a ride! Krista’s inspiring stories, mixed with practical tips and a small kick-in-the pants will have you leaving this session empowered to make a big leap forward in your life. Krista will help you define your core strengths and values, and in the process you'll discover what your personal brand is. You'll learn what's holding you back, and you'll discover how to leave the impression that you want to make. Best of all, you'll have the tools you need to achieve the next step of your dream—whatever that dream may be.

ORGANIZING: The Art of Being Organized: Simplifying the Business of Life.

Have you ever vowed that this will be the day, the week, or the year that you will finally “get organized”? If so, this is the session for you. In this session you'll learn more than just how to get organized; you'll learn how to stay organized after that initial reorganizing blitz (yes, that’s right, you can actually be one of those organized people you envy so much!). Following Krista’s unique systems, you won’t waste any more weekends putting everything in order, only to have the dining room table covered in heaps again a week later. Instead, Krista will show you the simple steps you can use to get and keep anything in your life organized—whether it’s the stuff in your house or the appointments on your calendar. Simply, you will leave empowered to create an environment that allows you to live your best life. After all, once you're free from the chaos of disorganization, you'll be more productive and have plenty of energy to devote to your passions and living the life you're meant to live.

PRODUCTIVITY: Travel Light, Fly Fast: Simple Systems. Sexy Technology. Productivity Boost. 

Do you dream about creating a life of balance, where each aspect of your life takes up a reasonable part of your time and energy? Sounds good, doesn’t it? The truth is, life is never going to balance out like that. In this session, you'll learn why you need to let go of that dream and replace it with something you can actually achieve—life harmony. Through simple systems you can use at home or in the office, Krista will show you how to boost productivity, achieve results, and juggle your life’s many demands—all while making it seem effortless. Best of all, you'll learn how to live from your most productive place - your zone of genius - so you can focus on what you do best and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of speaker are you? 


I'm a content-based speaker. My best position in the speaker lineup at a conference is as a Day 2 opening Breakfast Concurrent Session: lots of hard-hitting content, delivered with great stories. Second best is as an individual breakout session (or three).


What if I don't see a topic on your list that meets my needs? 


The list above is just a sample of some of my most popular content. Based on our initial discussion and your target audience, I'm more than happy to create or customize a topic so it covers the specific content you would like to hear - at no additional charge.


What are your rates? 


Pricing is based on a standard daily rate plus travel expenses, and as the client you may use my time in whatever format will best meet your needs, whether you'd like me there for an hour, a full day, or anything in between (or beyond).


How do I book you to speak at my conference or event? 


For bookings or inquiries about pricing or dates please contact us and we'll email you back within 24 business hours.

I'm still vibrating after your presentation this morning at Business Day. Besides feeling a certain deja vu in that I think we share the same reading list, you absolutely blew me away with your presentation style and the rapport you were able to develop with the audience. Most impressive. I think the most significant praise I can give you is that I came away from your presentation this morning with a lot to think about. Now I'm a guy who thinks A LOT without any stimulation, so it takes a lot for someone to rock my world. But you certainly did." 

Calgary, Alberta

“I recently had the opportunity to hear both Krista Clive-Smith and Brian Rashid, and I thought they were two of the best speakers I have had the opportunity to hear. The feedback from the audience was off the charts.  People were raving about the programs afterwards, and based on the amount of discussion -- they all wanted more." 


Peter Blake, CCA Executive Director