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Thank you Krista for always being true to who you are.
I love your presentations...
always AWESOME! 

I want to tell you that I use the phrase "what if it were easy?" all the time.  I shared it yesterday too, as a way of how I shift from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  So if you ever wonder if I get value from our coaching sessions, that would be a BIG YES. You have no idea how much I love and adore you.  Without you, I would be a big ball of yuck!  I am grateful for your friendship and constant counsel.

Awesome!  I love you! You're the best business coach ever!!!!!!!! I looked up my tax return and this is how much the business income has grown over the past year (from the previous year) since we started working together: 200%!!!

Thank you for an outstanding recording over the weekend. Stacy and I are so grateful to have you as part of our team creating The Yoga Business Builder. I wanted to let you know how much our students are loving your material! Stacy & I have taught it with our current group, and it was very well received. You are a true master at your craft.

I had such a great time listening to you in the pre-con and the CPO only course.
You were awesome as always. I appreciate you making my world and everyone's world a better place! You are such a great inspiration to all who meet you!

I am a client of Krista's and she has changed my world in just a few coach ever on organization, business and life! Krista, you are world class and YOU rock!

I want to say thank you
for speaking at our
Five Star-Brainstorming conference in Puerto Rico.
The dryleaners were truly energized by your style of speaking, humor and experience.

Krista is a fantastic speaker who knows her audience & their specific needs. She is always willing to share her knowledge & experience with others.

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