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Does Your Style Match Your Brand?

The external package of your authentic brand tells the world who you are.

Make sure you are sending the right message!

Here's what you'll learn in your complimentary guide:

Styling Your Brand

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Styling Your Brand is a step-by-step guide to help you develop your wardrobe strategy to package your authentic personal brand.

You want to look and feel great - as well as to communicate your personal brand to the outside world.

Personal style transcends high fashion, every time!

About Krista Clive-Smith

Krista Clive-Smith (formerly Krista Green) is a recognized expert in the fields of Branding, Organizing, and Business; the marriage of which creates simplicity and systems...with style. She is confident, ambitious, and a high-energy individual with robust family values and an incurable passion for high-performance. Krista has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a penchant for creating new businesses as well as making existing ones exponentially better.


Krista loves ideas, traveling, philanthropy, delicious and well-presented yet unpretentious food, photography, cooking, the holidays, and happy moments that make her cry. She has a passion for books (especially those which inspire the reader and teach lessons on life), and one of her most favorite pastimes is laughing!


Named to the Top 40 Under 40 list of outstanding young business professionals, she’s the author of the book “Get Noticed. Be Remembered.” and the 4-Disc Audio Series “How to Brand, Sell, Market and Grow Your Business.”


Her first company, Organized for Life, went on to become the first Professional Organizing franchise system worldwide, and the first employer in the industry. She has since spoken regularly at conferences and corporate events and has provided training and management consulting for business owners and exemplary brands in the U.S. and Canada. Currently, Krista is the Founder & CEO of Clutch Personal Branding, Merack Publishing & Little Authors Academy. 


Born and raised in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, Krista now makes her home in San Diego, California with the love of her life, her husband Ryan, and their six-year-old daughter Kennedy. When she’s not on the go , you can find Krista spending quality time with her family, investing in real-estate, catching a movie, or exuding love within all of life’s interactions, both socially and professionally.

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