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GNBR Takes Flight!

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Hello! I'm SO SO excited to start my week off by sharing that my book, "Get Noticed. Be Remembered", is now in stores at airports across the country. How cool is THAT!? If you're traveling in the next little while and happen to be at one of the following locations, I'd LOVE it if you would snap a picture of my book in the store & send it to me or share on social media!

Author's tip: If you decide to pick up a copy as reading material for your flight, be sure to grab a pen & some paper as well so you can work through the exercises while you're on the plane. Air travel is the perfect chance to grab some uninterrupted focus time!

Stores stocking GNBR:

Atlanta (Simply Books & Ink)

Denver (Tattered Cover)

New Orleans

Reagan National (Ink)


Nashville (Parnassus)


O’Hare (Barbara’s)

Tucson (Ink)



San Diego (Warwick’s)


San Jose (Authors Books)

Dallas – Love Field (Ink)

LAX (Book Soup & Hudson)

Salt Lake City (Simply Books)




San Antonio (Simply Books)

Minneapolis (Authors Books)

Miami (Simply Books)

DFW (Simply Books)

Plus Penn Station & Citi Building (Chicago)

I'll be stopping in to sign copies as my travels take me through some of these airports as well so keep an eye out for those! First stop? San Diego airport, of course!



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