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Signature Publishing Package




3 months

This package includes production, publishing, and upload of all versions (Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook) of your book for worldwide distribution and sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and other trade outlets. 

Our process is broken into three phases, including project management and strategy. Deliverables for each phase are listed below:

Phase 1: Pre-Production

  • Development and refinement of your book title and subtitle

  • Custom, high-end front cover design

  • Custom, high-end spine and back cover design

  • A custom, sales-focused synopsis for your back cover and retail listings

  • Ten unique endorsement templates to share with your network

Phase 2: Production

  • Custom interior layout with text treatments and image/graphic insertions

  • Final, detailed proofreading of your completed, laid out manuscript

  • Custom spine calculation for all print formats and all distribution channels

  • Unique ISBN and barcodes for each format of the book

  • Title metadata set-up and management

  • Library of Congress Control Number and Copyright Registration

  • eBook conversion into formats for e-retailers including Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, and Kobo

  • Audiobook file quality assessment, management, and upload (note: not including the actual recording and editing of audiobook)

  • Title setup on Amazon and Ingram for all formats

  • File preparation, both for e-publication and for print-on-demand

  • Assistance with determining best and final retail, wholesale, and group pricing for all formats

  • Set up of tax and royalty distribution channels for both Amazon and Ingram

  • Creation of Amazon Author Central Page

  • An author’s proof copy of each format from each distributor

  • Design and order of a custom retractable banner to be used at book signings or for other marketing purposes

Phase 3: Launch

  • 25 paperback copies of your book delivered prior to launch

  • Print-on-demand distribution live through Amazon and Ingram

  • ​Audiobook distribution through ACX to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

  • Publishing in Ingram’s catalog: the primary database that libraries, independent bookstores, and chain bookstores use to find and order new books

  • Creation of Amazon Author Central page

  • Selection and optimization of Amazon categories to best position the book and Amazon Bestseller ranking

  • Selection and optimization of BISAC codes and keywords 

  • Title data assigned to your ISBNs for all versions

  • Registration with both Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Registration

  • Submission at year’s end to International Book Awards

  • Print cost and author compensation summary sheet by format and distribution channel

  • Set up of tax and royalty distribution channels for both Amazon and Ingram

  • All accounts handed over to author

  • Ongoing project and file management for the first 12 months post launch (ongoing support and file management available upon request)

Please note: Prior to accepting manuscripts for publishing, Merack Publishing will complete a Manuscript Review process. Our publishing process requires a minimum of 4 months from the date the final manuscript is signed off as “locked” and complete. Official book launch dates will be scheduled at this time, to occur after that 4-month time period.

This service does not include studio recording or editing of your audiobook. Recording and post-production/editing costs will be determined by your chosen recording studio and are typically based on the word count of your final manuscript. Please let us know if you would like our team to connect you to one of our preferred studio partners for audiobook recording.

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